Sunday, November 02, 2008

Remember when I used to actually post consistantly? (I think it was in college.)

I guess the biggest discovery of the week is that, when using dissolved epson salts to become frost in your hair, you should allow plenty of time to let them reform before you leave the apartment. That way, you can actually see how iced out you are before the rest of the world does first. (Or, maybe not, as it was a big hit and people actually knew what I was without me bringing up Titanic myself.) Also, you will continue picking out bits from your eyebrows for days to come, as a result from slathering on more salts than needed.

While some would say I'm in it for the candy, what I like most about Halloween is the ridiculous dressing-up. Not only did I have my crazy complicated costume (yay! alliteration!) for the evening, but I also put together a costume for the day. Sure, that one was equal parts free candy and wanting to wear a wig at work (I've got to get my money out of my Hannah Montanta merchandise). But, then there's the week of pulling things together, and all the dressing up at the costume sale a few weeks back, and it all adds up to another reason why I'm still seven.

I sometimes wish stage managers got to have costumes matching the show (but in black) if only because that's one of things I would love best about being an actor. Would it cancel out having to audition and learn lines and trying not to throw up before every show? Not really, which is why I'm satisfied with teching. Maybe I'll just start theming my blacks on my own, and then the industry can follow.

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