Friday, January 09, 2009

Greetings, 2009!

Hello, poor forgotten blog. I've returned from the vacation world of Missouri to a desk full of "while you were out"s and a laptop I'm going to steal for the Rotunda. There's still no internet at home, as our month of fighting with ATT resulted in their service actually not being available in our area. I'll just call that as a "contrary to previous information" and leave the story there.

It's been a full week since I last bit off my fingernails, so that's the default resolution for this year. (Perhaps also to not buy new shoes everytime I see a pair I like.)

And, now I'll end with a quote from stage combat rehearsal: "Never point the mace at a face. It rhymes, so don't do it."


you know who said...

I fully suport the non finger bitting but not the non shoe buying. Also I miss you and just set the new record for watching a season of Gilmore Girls...oi with the poodles!

will said...

What's awesome about that quote is that, taken out of context, it still makes sense!!

Hannah said...

See, I took a look at my closet and discovered shoes I didn't even realize were in Texas. That's when I decided maybe I should stop buying shoes so often.

Would you like Season 3 now, "you know who?"

me again said...

yes please, I'll put season 2 in the mail.