Thursday, April 09, 2009


I enjoy a quick email exchange between company departments, especially with quips, since it helps me feel less like I'm the only one goofing off due to lack of projects. In box office there were always phones to answer, database entries to clean, and emails to sort. What am I supposed to do when there's nothing to fit into the calendar? Working on making the scheduling office more schedule-tastic?

(Admittedly, I should work on the company stage management handbook, which is currently helpful only to people who have never SMed before and need a crash course. I've instead been reading the SM textbook left in my desk from one of the previous tenants. Did you know that stage managers need to be very organized, but have a sense of humor?)

Special thanks to Angelfish for the box of Easter candy that arrived today, happily without being chewed by a dog first. (The box I sent her did not receive the same luck.) Its contents will join the other quality candy stashed in my desk and hidden from actors until needed.

Not hidden is a collection of candies from college and beyond that recently moved from my home pantry to work desk in the hopes that it would be consumed by someone besides myself. Sadly, nobody wants to eat my old candy anymore. I got rid of most of the container of ancient butterscotches, Skittles, and other assorted packaged candies before everyone figured out the majority was sticky and gross. Now I'm left with a few layers of Lifesavers that cling to one another due to an unfortunately melted grape Now and Later. Delicious! (Also in the bottom of the container: pieces of tree bark and dried grass from when the original candy was scooped up off the ground under my 21st/9th birthday pinata. That really adds to the appeal, I'm sure.)

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Angelfish said...

1) I'm glade I didn't end up with all that candy.
2) If I had ended up with all that candy it probably would have ended up in the trash a long time ago.
3) At least you have a little part of Thousand Hills with you...oh the memories!