Thursday, April 30, 2009

a listing of things

* My head (and, thus by extension, my brain) really, really hurts right now.

* I never actually noticed the "Vacation Days Left" line on the absence request forms before this week (the line I should be filling in as part of my putting it in the system), and that'll probably cause me some flack as of, oh, tomorrow morning.

* I may have sort of possibly implied that I would stage manage all the Mainstage and Rotunda shows at the same time if the company provided me with a vehicle to go home in-between. (As in, I told the managing director I would SM both shows if I had a vehicle and could go home in-between rehearsals/performances.)

* I might now be unofficially stage managing both first slot shows next season.

* My head hurt before both of these things.

* In a veering to the other direction, I would buy a Mo Williems pigeon or Knuffle Bunny shirt if I ever found one that struck my fancy.

* I kinda want to go home and either (A) sleep or (B) read my high school MLA. No, I'm not sure what's wrong with me, either.


Travis said...

You have unwittingly shown me the URL to your blog. Prepare to be commented upon!

Hannah said...