Saturday, May 23, 2009

chocolate chocolate ack

I'm all out of sorts because we were thisclose to getting flight tickets taken care of...the very vital first step in the London excursion...and now I'm waiting on a credit card to magically reappear from the mail system. In the meantime, the flight that we wanted has gone up in price, so we'll have to go with the next one up (a $60 difference), unless those seats run out before the card shows up.

I just want to get things settled, even beyond flights and lodging and theater tickets for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellian (the big three items on the to-do). I want to work out when we're taking side trips and what things both Caleb and Kat want to see and how to fit everything on Caleb's to-do list into three and a half days. (Hint: impossible mission)

And, deep down in the pit of my stomach, I'm a little afraid that I'll hate the whole trip and I'll need to rethink the past three years of being in love with a foreign city.

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Travis said...

If you need to borrow some money so you can take it direct from your account instead of needing a credit card, I would be willing/able to help. I only charge a 50%/day interest rate ;-)