Friday, May 29, 2009

oh, the hours....

I've just spent way to much of my life working to solve this delightful puzzle of movie titles. (And, because this is the internet, I had cheating help.)

Only one more day of Charlotte, though it might be enough to push me over the edge as it features a Development Event Late In The Afternoon, which is when I'm at my least friendly, mostly because I don't get to take naps then anymore.

Riddle rehearsals have not [yet] caused our unpaid apprentice to run screaming from the theater world, so that's plus. I don't know what to do with so much eager-to-help energy, though, except remember Young, Eager-to-Help Hannah and wonder where she's been lately.

I need a vacation. Or, more specifically, I need to plan and reserve a vacation. Maybe I really will spend my half of the week sitting in parks, reading British books and feeding pigeons.

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