Saturday, July 04, 2009

the Important Things in Life

I tried a chocolate petit four (from last night's opening) again today, seeing as they'd been in a fridge for a sizeable period of time and would hopefully therefore not melt in your fingers upon being picked up. I guess my sugar gene was trying to tell me that I wasn't a true sugar addict if I preferred the vanilla to the chocolate.

Fourteen hours in the fridge, and it succeeded in being slightly less melty (except where attached to the paper doily, where it was suddenly suctioned down with chocolate glue) and didn't taste quite as much like pudding. I'm going to stick with vanilla.

Semi-related: I'm half tempted to make my own bowl of punch, and wish I had thought of that back when I first walked in. I don't think I can drink a whole bowl of pineapple ginger ale in an hour-fifteen, but I could've accomplished that with my full five hour shift.

Not related at all: I'm wearing multi-colored sequin shoes. (Of course I am.)

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Travis said...

As I was explaining to Mark earlier today, the chocolate ones are gooey and hard to eat, but they're made of chocolate. The vanilla are higher quality, but they're not made of chocolate. So it's a catch 22, really.