Wednesday, July 08, 2009

listy listy list

There's still so much to do before this trip, especially now that it's only one week (one! week! !!) away. I like to put it in perspective and remind myself of how much more there would be to do if I were leaving the country for good (plus or minus a few years of life), but that mostly throws my brain off track.

And, to prove I am doing some work today: I don't know what alarms me more, the person in an over-sized robin costume for "The Secret Garden" or the invisible (but still very vocal) dog in The LIW Spectacular. The answer is neither. The winner is the animal puppet suit (complete with fake human arms!) for Dickon to bring a fox and lamb to visit Colin. Oh, Secret Garden, weren't the threatened drop boxes enough?

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will said...

I had a similar fake-arm suit once for Little Shop of Horrors. They're not that bad. Promise.