Saturday, August 15, 2009

not that any of the toys on my computer are trolls...

I think (now that I've stopped to ponder and not just push out a really muddled post) that my weird melancoly popping up all evening comes from finishing "Neverwhere" again and having my own thoughts of whether this enough in life. Work, eat, hang with friends, watch a movie, sleep, etc. ... where are my great grand adventures?

Probably part of this is also that I already threw out an offer to hitch off to London again, having finally finished posting pictures (and, I don't know, needing to take new ones?)

I'll probably be okay by tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I can add the following (along with S. Sondheim and high school emails) of people/things that are not helping: James Horner, the headache behind my left eye, the need for post-show dinner

[nearly immediate edit to add things that do help: picturing my mother watching Ace of Cakes on hulu, the Jeff Healy Band, patrons trying to use my (locked) office door to leave the theater]