Saturday, November 14, 2009

(changed my mind, different post enclosed)

Today's tech/dress went very well, though I hadn't expected the cue to cue (or Q2Q, as the cool kids abbreviate it) to last quite as long as it did. (I'm not sure why; typically [for the Rotunda, at least] you should expect about time and a half of the show length to work through Q2Q, and that's about what we did. /end weird punctuation) I'm somewhat at the point where I don't know how "good" the show is. I can tell whether the actors are having an on day, if the audience is with us, and whether I've hit all my cues properly. But this point forward, I can't read the overall quality level of the show. We had great reaction from the designers, though, so I'll assume things are going as well as know these people (actors/playwright/director/designers) can pull together.

Unrelated (per usual): some places have already started listing their Black Friday deals, and that's most of why I'm posting this three hours after I left my rehearsal.


Lissa said...

Like places around here that I might actually shop at?

Hannah said...

Every year I spend much quality time at this website:

(Clearly I need a life...and movies for $3.)