Monday, November 09, 2009

per tradition, I need to change my facebook to tech week hair

I keep working on the London thing, but I should probably bow to the inevitable and write it out of order, since I really want to write about the trips themselves and not (as I'm trying to force myself to do) figuring out how I became so obsessive about the city in the first place.

I somehow stopped chewing my nails during last tech week, but I don't see that happening again this show. Also, I have an entire page of lines I haven't even looked at since the first read-through.

Apologies to the Righteous Brothers, but I like "Unchained Melody" better as a piano instrumental than as an R&B classic. (And yes, my ipod has found it's way to the Lorie Line CD I was given ages ago.)


Lissa said...

I think I will be the first to post a comment this time....If only I had something to say :)

Hannah said...

Greetings, different first poster!

Lissa said...

Then I realized last night that what I should have done in my last post was wish you a happy half birthday....I blame being sick over the weekend for being late.