Monday, January 18, 2010

killing time, watching mashups

My no-longer-wishing-to-stay-open eyes are trying to tell me to go to sleep, but I'm twenty-seven minutes from my current file transfer being complete and--seeing as Merv will no longer allow me to copy more than one file folder at once--I could then start the next before conking out completely.

I've only known it for about two hours, but I'm already mildly obsessed with DJ Earworm's U2/Mariah Carey/Beatles/Supremes "Together As One" mash-aup. Also, I'd fall asleep to "L'eau de Rose" every night if I didn't think it would give me weirder dreams than I already have.

I seem to be dreaming about the same name a bunch lately (not any person I've known, just the name itself). I'm trying not to take it as any sign, but shooting extra prayers their (all of the S.s!) way, just in case. More details later if it turns into something other than weirding myself out, especially when I should be asleep anyway.

Twenty-one minutes left. Blackjack!

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