Friday, January 22, 2010

thank you, Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, for finally showing me the error of my ways

The *squee* sound half of Houston just heard was me finally, finally starting out trying to make a fried egg and successfully ending with a fried egg.

There was jumping involved, as is only right.

(Incidentally, the *buh!* sound made a few minutes later would be when 1/3 of the pepper graced the top of my egg all in the same one inch area. It's okay, it spreads.)


Travis said...

So how was it?

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you will cook your own egg on Christmas morning from now on?

Hannah said...

#1. It was fine, and should improve with practice.

#2. Santa wouldn't want it that way.

you know who said...

you know, eggs always taste better when cooked in an iron skillet