Tuesday, January 26, 2010

well, that's disheartening

After reading Merefin's joyful "could possibly be moving to London" post, I once more felt inspired to look up information for myself about hopping ponds. (Side note: it doesn't take something that blatant to get me to search for London moving information).

My new biggest problem with all the economy crap is not the dollar/pound ratio that ate my savings this summer, but the fact that it would be nearly impossible for me to get a job right now as I have no prior international experience and stage managers aren't quite up the list with doctors as a "must have" vocation.

So....all you people I know who have accomplished this already: how do I go about becoming a stage manager for a cruise line show?

(This post sponsered by some two year old She&Him concert that I'm streaming, which--as happy bouncy as it is--actually makes this not a big deal.)

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marannsmith said...

If you work on a curse line, can I come visit you for a week or two - in the sun. I'll bring Grandma. Say, get a job with Disney, then maybe you can get us into the parks.