Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I will not always post this often.

I was thinking about this as I--well, not quite frantically--added nominated movies to my Netflix queue (after upping my DVD-at-a-time amount). I think I'm so very obsessed with movie award shows, the Oscars in particular, because I have the ability to (with a bit of effort) see as many as the nominations as possible. I've never seen any Tony nominees before the award show itself, as much as I love watching the Tonys, and so many popular music nominees I could take or leave. Movies are an accessible thing, especially in my large, multi-cinema city. Besides, it's nice to sometimes see sturdy films rather than just Center Stage for the twenty-third time.

(Not that I'm ragging on Center Stage; it's a different kind of enjoyable film experience.)

Only related in that it was occuring while I was already awake and waiting for the live stream to be live: I don't think any predictions of six more weeks of winter really affects life in Texas, do you? And was it just me, or did the official holding Phil bear a striking appearance to Bill Murray?

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I don't think I really need to put my name on this said...

I actually watched Center Stage: Turn it Up just last night. It isn't really a good movie to watch to fall asleep to because I found myself half dancing in bed.