Saturday, May 22, 2010

life, lately

The previous post became oddly predictive, as I officially became one of those stage managers as of about yesterday evening. I don't know where that video file will go, but I need a copy. (No ponies in my version, though.)

We closed the children's show, and season, as of this afternoon. I'm sorta out of a job until the fall, as we all know me sitting at a desk all summer is going to be more about multi-hour games of Spider Solitaire or worse, box office coverage. While I'm plotting all sorts of projects at the moment, I don't know how many will actually come to fruition.

"Come to fruition" is a funny sounding phrase.

Some other quick takes:
* I enjoyed Zombieland way more than I thought I would, despite the (obviously) large number of zombies involved. I did have to follow it with happy fluff before I could go to bed, and naturally avoid the bathroom. (Do we all remember when I used to be sure I would someday find a zombie in my shower? Oh, college days.)

* Somebody needs to get me a copy of Tim Minchin's Matilda soundtrack, because I cannot just live on Rock and Roll Nerd forever. Also, if someone would like to ship me across ponds and get me a job with the original company staging of Tim Minchin's Matilda, that would be an even bigger thanks.

* I cannot keep track of the number of nights I've fallen asleep to the same "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" podcast, and don't feel inclined to check the play count. I'll finish you someday, April 20th!

* Between all the gift cards currently in my possession (and that lovely $5 off anything coupon from Borders sitting in my inbox), how do I not have a package coming my way from an internet site? Why am I missing out on package tracking?

* I'm out of items.

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