Tuesday, June 08, 2010

another Anastacia fun fact: I used to practice vocal support by attempting to hold out the ending note of "Journey to the Past" longer than the onscreen singer

I think I like bruises because it reminds me I do more than a desk job. I liked bruises (not the receiving them, but the artistic after-effects) even before it was a job thing. There's something that feels very hearty Midwesterner about bruising. There's also something very "ow ow ow...can't cross my legs" about my present bruising (one left knee, one right thigh), but only because I didn't have the good sense to fall on something that wouldn't matter. Or, not fall at all.

Frankly, I wanted to expand this more, but I'm totally about to fall asleep and get carried away by the Texas mosquitos. As much fun as that might be (would it?), I should probably call it a night. The laptop does make a nice heating pad on my still sore leg, though.


will said...

Write the story about the girl with the typewriter who gets carried off by the Texas mosquitoes.

Do it.

Travis said...

I never get bruises, so I can't share your joy. I guess I'll just have to content myself with splinters and scratches.

Hannah said...

Would the girl still have her typewriter when she's carried off? I don't think the mosquitoes are quite that large.

On this side of sleep, I've decided I like bruises because they're art projects made by your body. My blood vessesls are tortured artists! (I possibly need more sleep.)

abergstrom said...

"On this journey, to the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast..." I always did it too! HA!

will said...

Maybe she sends the mosquitoes back for the typewrite? I don't know, you figure it out!

Travis said...

Apparently I do get bruises, but only after claiming that I don't. I can now share in your joy.

Though I have to wonder if my blood vessels get bored with just black and blue paint.