Friday, June 18, 2010

I've discovered the black hole of no internet...

...and it is called my office, since the internet works (wired or plugged) in every other room of the building. I'm currently in the chapel/library/greenroom, where at least I get the benefit of a comfotable couch.

Things to do this weekend:
* pick up where I left off in the cleaning out the closet project, as the room currently looks like I'm about to move out of the dorms (lots of piles, lots of Rubbermaid containers, lots and lots of shoes)

* support Pixar and go to the movies?

* pull out the various craft projects that I've wanted to finish, all the more so from finding the odds and ends while cleaning

* stop being afraid to clean my oven (which is the first step toward cleaning the oven, while somehow not yet managing to clean it)

* finish proofing the playbill for Iowa, since I'm clearly not doing so right now

* watch all the Broadway-related programing I taped the past week that I've yet to tackle

* get the music from Passing Strange out of my head

* continue not biting nails, as this has been good progress so far


Travis said...

Why is there not a big group going to see Toy Story 3? We should get one together.

Anonymous said...

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