Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy fourth, self!

It's a joke I've already used today (Hi, Paul! New letter soon! Possibly with a MO postmark!), but part of my brain wonders where my Texas degree went. Surely I've been earning a Masters in Humidity or B.A. (Bachelors of Ate-Stuff) in Queso rather than living the past four years as an adult.

Clearly I've only managed to pass courses in denial, but my thesis on quesadillas in the River Oaks area will hopefully send me over the top.

What? I don't know either. I'm a little bit two-days-from-vacation bouncy (and a touch of Spotlighter-meeting-canceled-hurrah! slaphappy), so it's okay if you don't follow the above. I'm currently listening to RJ yell at her Excel file and trying to find better info about whether or not I can bring half of pan of brownies in my carry-on luggage.

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