Sunday, August 01, 2010


We're back in Missouri, which is one of those sentences I only get to type about twice per year. It makes me happy, with a twinge of "eee!" attached. (A happy "eee!," don't worry.)

I am concerned with my mother's T key, as it apparently doesn't like life. I'm afraid it might do something desperate if its demands are not met soon.

Ways this was a good day (in no particular order, because I'm getting sleepy):
* steak for dinner (which is a big change from high school Hannah, who wouldn't've come anywhere near such food)

* managing to finish three books before showing up in the world of Babysitter's Club Super Specials, the only thing I seem to read when I'm in MO and have access again

* running into dear Lemon Drop in the Kirksville Hastings, just one week before he flees to Chicago (leaving my college town devoid of the last student person I knew in town). There was lifting-into-air hugging.

* I thought of something else while in the car, but I didn't write it down and it is thus lost to history.

I could do a list of why this weekend has been awesome, but I need to take a shower and go to bed so I can be up and ready for things before eight tomorrow. (Such is my love for my Mom and decorating her school room.) It basically boils down to seeing so many people I haven't seen in ages (some cases years) and getting to sit around eating food and swapping stories with most of them, so you can fill it in for yourself. I'm going to wash out my traveling pigtails, crawl into bed, and read a few more chapters about the BSC's adventures out west.

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