Friday, August 20, 2010

"tidbits" should be the name of this blog, since that's what I post in

A bulleted list! Aren't you excited?

* Watching "The Departed" on basic cable just doesn't have quite the same effect as the DVD cut. Such as, you start making fun of Leo and Matt for all their substitute cuss words.

* When you wake up due to an overly itchy bug bite, and the first solution your brain springs up is to chew your finger off, you maybe shouldn't have read the zombie book before falling asleep. (Or, you should stop going outside without bug spray.)

* I imagine my microwavable lunch of today was on sale because it takes 11 minutes to cook. What the what, people. (Note to future self: check cooking times before buying things because they are a dollar.) [Edited after a few bites: actually, it's probably on sale because it's *awful.* Who knew the vegetables would ever be my favorite part of a meal?]

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Travis said...

I can't imagine anything would taste good after 11 minutes in a microwave.