Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah, I don't know why I'm watching "Mamma Mia" at midnight, either.

I kinda hope my Mom was secretly in a girl group when she was younger so they can make a special guest appearance at my hen party some day [far] in the future.

Maybe I'll just need to do karaoke and sing Super Trooper.


Anonymous said...

I can sing ABBA songs. When do I need to be there?
Hannah's mom

Hannah said...

You'll be waiting awhile, Mamita. I'll keep you posted.

Melissa said...

Can I sing the abba song with your mom...that could be fun:)

Hannah said...


Though then you might as well get a third person in to do the full girl group set-up. Thoughts as to who it could be? (I'd be in the audience, of course, if this is my ABBA hen party, and not an option.)