Tuesday, November 23, 2010

new-y new-new

(because we all know I prefer to do posts this way, anyway)

* I cleaned our stove last night in anticipation of cooking a giant turkey in it in two days. Also, because we'd never cleaned it since moving in, and perhaps that's why it burns things so often. My cold was much closer to gone before subjecting it to heavy duty aeresol cleaners.

* If I had realized it wasn't going to completely restore to factory settings, I would not have bothered trying to back-up all my files before getting my keyboard back into working shape. Plus side - I now have everything backed-up, AND it all needs to be reorganized, what with how I threw on everything regardless of whether it was already on the portable HD or not.

* Even if the leftover opening cheese and fruit had been okay before, it certainly isn't now that it's been out and unfridgerated since 9 a.m.

* How have I not finished a black Friday shopping list by now?

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