Monday, November 15, 2010

run, walk, hop, or fly

My computer background is currently Hermione in a PR still for HP7, not because Hermione is awesome (though she is), but because it was the one with the most recognizable London landmarks in the background. Greetings, Tower Bridge and City Hall!

I almost called Tower Bridge "London Bridge" instead. Clearly I've been away for too long. TOO LONG.

I got approved for my two big vacations of the season today, but this somehow led to me stage managing more mainstage shows. We can probably all guess how I feel about that. In the same meeting I also somehow ended up defending the children's theater programing to the artistic director. So that was a nice afternoon.

Why is no one offering HP6 as a Black Friday deal? I was sure this would happen! As it stands, the only thing I'm interested in is S1 Community for $12 (because that's worth the Modern Warfare episode alone). What am I supposed to do with myself if not stand in line at 3 a.m. with a stomach full of turkey?

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abergstrom said...

This Nosey Parker wants to hear about this meeting soon!