Wednesday, November 10, 2010

stand down

I wanted to put something ahead of Monday's fairly alarmist post, but then the internet ate it. Ask first next time, internet.

B and I both bought about $80 worth of movie tickets today, which is awesome in and of itself. Actually having a ticket stub (and not just an email printout) for HP7 will be even better.

If anyone has a VHS copy of TRON they'd like to loan me before the sequel comes out in December, that'd be great. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be the next film on the RJ/Brenda/Hannah movie outing list.

Shoot. I still haven't written down dress numbers from the first time I tried to post this...and reminded my brain that I needed to write down dress numbers for tomorrow. (Long-distance bridesmaid dress shopping, ahoy!)

Um.....go team? GO TEAM! (Yes, I ate ice cream for dinner. It had strawberries in it.)


Travis said...

I'm kinda really excited about Tron. If you manage to get a hold of a copy of the old one, I might want to watch it, too.

Anonymous said...

Can you Netflex Tron?

Hannah said...

It's not on Netflix, and--judging from the prices on Amazon--is currently out of print on DVD. I imagine Disney wants you to focus on the newfangled sequel and will only rerelease the original after the new one has justified its production budget.