Monday, December 06, 2010

also cool, bowties

You know what's cool? Fuzzy socks. In this case, of course, I use the definition of "cool" that means "actually warm, because the apartment complex hasn't turned on the heat yet."

We're out of milk, which was quite a problem at all the meals of the day, but not enough to pull me out of a pajamas to run to the corner store. (The only thing that did put me in real clothes? Remembering I had a Borders coupon that was about to expire. If I'm going to buy people's Christmas presents one at a time using the weekly percentage-off coupons that keep popping up in my email, I need to stay on top of each one.

When did all the handles break off my old church mugs? Perplexing. Also, I'm going to keep drinking this hot chocolate until it's gone, 2007 expiration date or not. (Don't worry, Mom, just a few more packs to go.)

Unrelated to any of the above: I did my first touring booking this weekend, and it even involved me standing on a stage in a costume and singing things, plus my usual lurking in darkness and pressing buttons. Fun fact: it was easier to take in a costume to fit me than to let it out to fit the understudy. (Person this information alarms the most: the costume designer, who really wants to stop dealing with buttons popping off daily, among other things.) Being a techie is way more awesome in my world (buttons!), but I do miss getting a costume.

Hey! My arm's bleeding! I'm gonna deal with that.

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