Saturday, December 11, 2010

I should've asked for a new Edward Gorey calendar for Christmas.

Because how will I get my fix of small children dying elsewhere? I work in children's theater, sometimes I need Neville and his ennui.

Did you know that one of my three results from the personal survey thing the company made us fill out said that I need to work in an environment where I feel emotionally supported? Because that might explain why I get frustrated sometimes.

Songs I'm in love with right now: Julie London's "Cry Me a River," "Grace Kelly" as redone by The Whiffenpoofs, and really anything that removes the Littlest Angel soundtrack from my brain after shows. Fifteen shows down! Twelve to go!


Travis said...

Everyone I've talked to thus far apparently needs emotional support at work (myself included). Granted, thus far I've only talked to Deb and Patty, which is hardly indicative of the whole company.

Sarah said...

I'm okay in most environments and "this preference of yours for a well-balanced environment is only likely to be disturbed if you have to spend much time with people who exhibit extremes of behavior." Hmmm, so I'm generally good except with people whose moods swing from the ceiling on a regular basis.