Monday, January 03, 2011

first jar of queso for 2011 (in my defense, I've been out of town)

Today I impulse purchased "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" off itunes because it was on discount and I sometimes need Lee Pace playing the piano, questionable British dialect or not.

Today is Meredith's wedding anniversary, so naturally I tried on my bridesmaid dress to see if it still fit. It does, so way to go, walking! Way to beat back my other, less healthy life choices [see above].

Today (because now I have a theme) I spent all day in my pajamas, though I did switch pairs midway through the day. Clearly, adulthood is right there. Really though, I don't need to be in real clothes to unpack my luggage and try to find homes for the eighteen books that traveled south with me. (*18*?! I have a problem.)


Travis said...

Pajama days are the best kind.

Anonymous said...

18 books sounds fine to me, but I am a librarian.
Hannah's Mom
PS. Maybe the problem started with me.