Wednesday, January 05, 2011

some thoughts on "Muppets Take Manhattan"

It's hard for me to be a stage manager and watch this movie. I mean, I love it, but my work self gets really upset when no one is at places and the overture is already playing and they're still trying to get Kermit to do the show. And, NO, FROG, we can't just suddenly throw all the extra people into the show with no rehearsal! You haven't even rehearsed! You're going to get hit with a flying set piece because you've been playing advertising agent, so you're not the person to clear this.

Also, I get all teary in the "Make Him Happy" wedding scene, until I start wondering where the theater audience is sitting to see this set piece. Did they stage it with mirrors? Are they watching through the windows? What brings me back into the scene? The singing priest, of course.

If I had my own cover band, we we totally play "Gonna Always Love You." This has been true since high school.

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