Sunday, February 06, 2011

about movies

Yeah, I'm watching Raising Arizona right now instead of the Super Bowl. (It's okay, I have twitter pulled up, so it'll let me know if anything goes down.) I'll happily watch anything that lets me bask in the glory that is Holly Hunter's twang.

A quick THANKS to Danny Boyle for yesterday's moviegoing experience at "127 Hours." (Brief spoilers if you know nothing about current movies) I really do appreciate that he went out of the way so the audience forgot everything was leading to James Franco sawing off his arm, but it was *really obvious* once you were there, what with the blood and all. And, you know, I handle blood so very well. So, THANKS, Mr. Boyle, for causing me the very first time I passed out at the movie theater.

I can hear the explosions of Deb watching Inception down the hall from here. I maybe shouldn't be able to hear Leo over Nic.


Anonymous said...

You passed out, like, for real? Grandpa Lindemann strikes again! (I'm just sayin' it didn't start with me)
Hannah's Mom

Hannah said...

Yes, Mamita. For realsies. (Though the story this has provide is likely more awesome than that portion of the movie, at least as far as I'm concerned.)

You should maybe fastforward through that part if you ever decide to rent it.

will said...

It is a pretty awesome story. You have to get her to reenact it for you sometime.