Saturday, February 19, 2011

another bullet list, hurrah!

You know it's Big Scary Tech Day (as I like to call it), when the following are the contents of your pockets/pigtails:
* three pencils
* one pen
* one black sharpie
* one full pad of post-it notes
* one giant eraser
* scraps of glow tape backings
* two pairs of scissors
* one constantly buzzing phone

Also, there was briefly two rolls of gaffe tape on my arm, but I took them off.

There's a certain relief in making it past the Q2Q (or, "cue to cue," for you non-in my head folks) portion of the day. Everything after this will now include full costumes, actors onstage saying the lines as if they mean them, and it makes my pushing of buttons and calling of cues less the focus. I've already proved I can do my part of the show, now we're adding other people on top of that layer. Lights, costumes, sound cues, front of house crew, audience, until it's a full show.

With this show, it also unfortunately means a lot of reading in the booth, but that's a nice break every now and again. Also, these pants aren't going to hem themselves.


Travis said...

Working a slow tech show conveniently gives you lots of time to do such things. That's how I had time to make Christmas presents for so many people.

Also, I love that your pigtails are filed in the same category as your pockets.

Hannah said...

Pigtails are just another place to store things.