Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, I finally got my walk-through done today. It took about ten minutes, and went a lot like this:

SOFIA (complex manager): Okay, so there's some spots on the carpet, but that'll probably buff out, so I'm not worried.
ME: I can try and work on it some more.
SOFIA: Don't worry about it. This carpet might be old enough, I won't have to charge you. Some people, I try and get everything I can. You, I won't charge.

Apparently, if you're a pleasant person, they won't try to hit you with every possible cleaning fee. (It probably helps to be staying on site.)

I'm supposed to drop by tomorrow (if I can), and I'll potentially get to pick up my new key early. I can see only positive things in this, especially as she still won't mark down that I'm moving until Saturday (thus not starting my three days/two nights until a day and a half after I start moving). This is probably contigent upon the corporate office, which has been my downfall lately, but maybe it'd work out. It means another lunch hour spent in the company van, driving through Galleria traffic, but I'd say it'd be worth the time.

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