Saturday, April 23, 2011

things on my brain

* I'm driving to La Grange tomorrow, as it is the halfway-ish point between here and Austin, and a Sad Monkey is about to change states. AGAIN. I picked up a rental car today (and am paying double the cost of a regular rental just to insure it per day - not sure if that's sad for total cost or an awesome for how cheap I was able to wrangle it originally). No one should ever ride with me on a long road trip when I get to be in charge of the music, because I'm a notorious station jumper, and I fear tomorrow will be no different. (I did program in stations while taking out recycling, so starting point SET.)

* Speaking of, what else can you do when you have a car? How about stock up on nonperishable groceries that you don't want to deal with on the bus? Hey there, taking out the recycling! Wow, I so won't miss you, three bags of stuff for good will that have been sitting under my desk at work. Go forth into the world, and make someone else happy.

* My Angelfish's family is holding a time of prayer with her in the hospital next Monday at 7 p.m. Please join in, wherever you are.

* The apartment complex sent me a lovely letter today detailing the breakdown of fees/rent/etc. from the previous apartment and current. According to that, I haven't paid rent or water for the new place this month, and neither was for the amount my records show I should even be paying. So, hurrah for awkward conversation on Monday when the manager is back? (And excuse me while I print out copies of the canceled checks for both those items off my bank's website. GO CECU!)

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