Monday, May 02, 2011

Why did the queen have to choose June?

You can add to the list of things I've tried because of the British Jammie Dodgers, which were actually pretty good (and--bonus!--are cheaper at HEB than my beloved Jaffa Cakes). Thanks, Cooksey.

When will I learn that, unless I put loose paper in a folder, it is going to be horrible destroyed while riding around in my work bag?

I completely forgot about shift sign-ups until I came in today and checked a calendar. Sweet heavens, opening next week!

Things that change about your life when you live alone: you have to stop watching the Doctor Who episode at night when it freaks you out, as there is no one else around to distract you/protect you from The Silence.


checkoutliblady said...

I understand about freaky things blowing your mind. I tried to read Coraline at night, when I was alone. (Dad had moved to Jeff City already) I had to quit when the darkness and silence got too scary!
Hannah's Mom

Travis said...

I need to look into Doctor Who Series 6. How is it thus far?