Monday, July 11, 2011

more movie memories, Harry Potter edition

Part One (because then my brother called):

* I don't remember how many people we joined us that night, but I was in charge of saving seats. At that point, my hometown still had just the two screen theater (and the closest theater was thirty minutes away in Washington), so seats were at a premium. Since I was holding a spot in line--and then in the seats--I'd brought a book with me, though people kept asking why I was reading "Catch-21" and not "Sorcerer's Stone." I'm sure the movie made an impression at the time, but anymore all I remember was becoming more and more amused by other people's confusion.

* Shout out to TSU Marching Fluties! We'd planned to see the movie on opening night, but all showings were full in Kirksville. By the time we'd made it to the next closest theater (30 miles away, but worth it for the handmade lobby decorations), the only seats left were on the front row. The Forbidden Forest spider scenes were a little overwhelming. Still my least favorite of the series (also my least favorite book), but one of my favorite non-book lines (courtesy of Ron, of course): Follow the spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies? (This was my MSN Messenger status line for weeks. Ah, MSN Messenger. Those were the days.)

* OH MY GOSH. Do you remember the trailer where it starts with Snape walking through the classroom, slamming all the windows shut as he goes? And Harry silhouetted as Hedwig flies onto his shoulder? Hermione punching Malfoy! EXPECTO PAAAAATROOOOONUUUUUM! Azkaban was (still is) my favorite book, so I couldn't get enough of the trailer. The actual movie I saw with my mother at the new six screen theater (built so the theater owners no longer had to deal with balancing holding over a successful film and getting in new movies each week). Thankfully there were few people in the theater, as my mother is a world champion movie talkbacker. (Side note: this is a trait I find equally obnoxious and oddly endearing, both in her and others.) I am still upset that they don't take the thirty seconds to explain that the Marauders are James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter (especially the connection between Harry's patronus and Prongs). Otherwise, I'm a big fan of this one. In fact, I'm rewatching it right now.


will said...

1) The only thing I can find on Catch-21 is that it was an American game show centered around blackjack. I had never heard of this before now.

2) I still use MSN messenger. I have one (1) friend still on it. When we log onto MSN, it's basically to talk to the other one. And because we still love the emoticons. I used to have an awesome screaming walrus animated emoticon. I believe it was from the Kirby games. I miss it.

3) Easily my favorite of the books and movies as well.

4) There is no number four (4), so I'm just going to say I might pick up that one story I started writing for you back in the day only because I think it might be the most profitable story I currently have in my brain.

will said...

This was not the walrus in question:

Hannah said...

Dangit! Catch-22. Sorry, Joseph Heller.

Travis said...

I finally started reading the books after I saw the third movie. It's my favorite movie, but I'm still not sure if that's because I was spoiled for the rest of the movies before I saw them.