Sunday, October 16, 2011

If I could wear my pajamas to today's strike, I would do it.

My favorite moment of rehearsal yesterday is a toss-up between discovering that several of my teenage actors are Doctor Who fans AND the moment the director told our already-obnoxious youngest actor to "JUST LEAVE" (as in, the stage--this was a blocking rehearsal, after all--but with the tone of "get as far from my sight as possible").

That's a lie. The best part was going to Chuy's with Kat afterward. Creamy jalapeno always makes everything better.

So, we survived, which is the important thing. (Also important: all the large church scenes with the kids are blocked, meaning the majority of the show is roughly done. Whether they retained any of that knowledge is a question for next week.)

Not really related to anything above: but someone [with a larger apartment than mine] should throw a Halloween party, because this weekend I thought up a costume I could create almost exclusively from my closet. (Don't worry, my Thor-cohorts. I haven't forgotten the May plan. I just don't have any boots with wings at this time.)


checkoutliblady said...

I could host the Halloween party, but you would have to get a ride here . .
Hannah's Mom

Sarah Ann said...

Maybe we could have it at Saint Street. Lame I know, but plenty of space & a refrigerator. I could come up with some games....?