Monday, October 22, 2012

this is not the return post I was planning
The past week I've been scrounging together all the scraps of paper of started posts, messages saved in text drafts, and other bits of non-posts posts from the past two months of nothing.

This is not that.

Instead, this is me celebrating upping my text messages, as it's ridiculous to me that I ever lasted on 250 per month for as long as I did. Ah, five year ago Hannah, who couldn't believe she'd ever use so many! (This is clearly before I was stage managing many shows. I can't possibly SM without texting anymore, as that's my best way to track down late actors AND share snark with the ASM.) But three months in a row of overage charges (and many a month before of being mad at people - don't they know I'm almost at my limit?!) means this is probably the best investment to make. Also, think of all the pictures I'll post on Twitter now that I don't have to choose between that and sending my designers information from rehearsal!

Fun fact: this *still* does not make it okay to text me just "K" in response to information.

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Travis said...

Fun Fact: If I think I will not disturb you, I call instead of text, even if it's a simple question. If I have 2 questions and the second is dependent on the first, rather than asking the first, waiting for a response, and then asking the second, I send it all as one long text. Just trying to do my part ;-)