Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Is that the voice you use to call Ryan Gosling?"
I'm at the point of illness where I feel okay, but have lost about 1/3 of my regular vocal register. Sultry sick voice: you're fun, but I have things to do. May I stop coughing now?

In all my rewatching of Animaniacs over the last few weeks (syndication is a wonderful thing), I've noticed that (1) even being a with-it kid, there were a lot of jokes I missed until now and (2) I still don't care two wits about the Goodfeathers or Mindy and Buttons. Sorry.

I guess I should check on the literal "and then I found $10 dollars" I discovered last week, and see if anyone came back to look for it after I left. Otherwise, milkshakes for everyone*!

*everyone meaning me, two and a half times


checkoutliblady said...

Milkshakes are good for throats, my Grandma always said so!
Hannah's Mom

will said...

1) The one that I never really cared for was Katie Ka-Boom. One joke, that's it. And not even a very good one. 2) The Goodfeathers DID have that fairly awesome Fiddler on the Roof cartoon.

Travis said...

I need to let Animaniacs get to the top of my Netflix Queue...right after I watch Doctor Who.

abergstrom said...

Jason sings the "Country Song" to E almost every day. I've memorized half of it.
Also, one time we found a $10 in front of St St. I wanted to take it but J wouldn't let me. We left it there, under a rock, and made the deal that if it was still there, we could take it the next day. BOOM! $10 richer, baby! C

Can I have a milkshake?

Hannah said...

When I first found it, I asked the ST2 Swim security guard if he wanted to hold onto it, seeing as it was probably from a swim kid. He told me if I left it with him, he'd probably just keep it.

Then I felt less bad about keeping the money, though I did leave it there with someone else overnight.