Sunday, May 19, 2013

(I don't know where all these earrings came from, nor why they live in my apartment.

Productive things from today:
* cleaned the bathroom
* sorted out my linen closet
* so much sweeping

Less productive things:
* finally watched that Netflix
* matched the (approximately) ten million earrings mixed up in a tray together
* used a coupon to buy a frivolous thing I wanted to buy anyway

Completely unproductive:
* watched the same five minutes of Doctor Who multiple times to see if I would cry each time (the answer is yes)
* saw Jurassic Park at the HMNS with my company intern gal
* only slightly superglued my fingers together


Melissa said...

I hope your not cleaning for us. I can't wait to see you!!!

This is for your mom: I will be in Jeff City Wednesday or Thursday if you need to send anything Hannah's way.

Hannah said...

I'm cleaning because my apartment was a small disaster. Non-local people showing up just kickstarted me because now I have a deadline for all the piles to disappear.

This is for my mom: hello. :)