Monday, March 03, 2014

I have bacon bits AND sour cream right now, so it's BAKED POTATO TIME, Y'ALL!

* I've spent all day bouncing between re-reading a favorite book and watching movies. Hurrah! Best day off work ever!

* Yesterday it was pointed out that I always celebrate whenever I perfectly time out calling the voiceover cues (which have the slightest lag on the front) with when the audience will stop laughing/clapping from the previous scene enough to hear the sound cue, as soon as possible to avoid adding extra time on the show. It's not easy, I don't hit it every single time--but, man!, when I do--yeah, I'm gonna celebrate. On the plus side, this is helpful because I've been a little burnt out on stage management for awhile. (Some of this is very likely from working at a resident house, where I get a constant paycheck but don't always work on productions I care about.) Even if there's just a little spark right now, it'll hopefully glow again.

* Anyway.

* What is it about Sandra Bullock? She's in at least three movies that stop me completely when I see they're on cable somewhere (such as "While You Were Sleeping," which I'm watching right now). Dang--four: "The Lake House" somehow gets me every time, too. [I don't have anything else here. It just hit me a little. I'm a sucker for her movies.]

* Excuse me while I watch the wedding disaster, bake some cookies (because my apartment is freezing), and finish this book.

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