Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am legitimately upset that only those 15 and under get the mini-Clydesdale at one of this weekend's giveaways.
(I don't want to *buy* one - I just want the Cardinals/St. Louis-based stuffed animal given to me for free.)

SO! Clearly I died eating bad broccoli, and this is why I haven't posted since May. Who would've guessed that there'd be Twitter in the afterlife, but no Blogger? Either that or I've been busy having adventures--such as running (lost) through the streets of New York (June), fishing on a small lake in Missouri (today), and typing up so much administrative paperwork for the upcoming season (everything in between). Clearly one of those two.

Related: thanks for the joke, Will.

Unrelated: I had the start (again) of fingernails before this week, but the Cardinals are broadcast every game here, so fingernails are gone again.

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