Monday, May 04, 2015

And now I'm watching the old VHS copy of 'Star Wars' that I took from my parents over Christmas vacation some year.

Good thing I already know what this looks like, because the tracking button is not doing a thing (except add to my exercise for the day, since it's not even on a remote).

[No, I don't need a DVD copy.]

I wanted to treat myself to a picnic at the Waterwall today, as it's my last guaranteed Monday off for the season. When it was after one and I hadn't started lunch (or gotten out of PJs or otherwise acted like an adult...) yet, I gave up on the plan a little. I did pretend it was ten degrees warmer out than it really was and took to the pool for half an hour. I'll call that the joys of Texas - having a pool fifteen feet from my front door. (Also, the afternoon sun warming up the water enough to be in it the first week of May.)

Picnic and pool will be rescheduled to the future. I think my summer of not running a show should involve lots of both.

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