Monday, June 15, 2015

From the minds that brought you "Standby Velociraptor," now comes "Standby Velociraptor with a Taser"
Because sometimes it takes the big guns to get people to put turn off their phones.

[I hope the one and a half people (or so) who know what I'm talking about like that.]

Super-Anyway, I feel like all I'm doing today is answering emails and watching radar maps. We're clearly going to get rain, but no one can agree yet on just how much. The meteorologist are walking a balance of 'don't panic the people' and 'don't make everyone feel so calm they accidentally drown tomorrow,' and I don't envy them that tightrope. Meanwhile, I'm planning for meetings that may or may happen tomorrow and congratulating myself on *not* buying the fancy tickets to see "Inside Out" early, as the movie theater or bus service or any other number of things may very well be flooded out by tomorrow evening.


Hannah said...

"A lot of people just need to take a moment and say, 'Am I making a good decision'"
-FOX weatherman, over footage of idiots at high tide on Stewart Beach (where the Pierce ladies prefer their Galveston beach adventures)

Anonymous said...

I did wonder, exactly people were being idiots. I also love the idea of VWAT! Police department everywhere could deploy a new tool. Hehehe! Hannah's Mom

Anonymous said...

Since this won't allow me to edit, I meant to say, I did wonder exactly Where people were being idiots. Sigh!

will.ledesma said...

I'm just trying to figure out what percentage of the 1.5 people I make up.

Hannah said...

You're a whole person, Ledesma!