Sunday, September 20, 2015

In grief that "Parks and Rec" never won an Emmy, I may have just bought the entire series on DVD.
(But it's still me, so of course I've been watching prices for months and had to reconfirm everything before I could click the confirm.)

My goal for tomorrow is called "stop feeling like crap" which will involve lots of sleep and not being at the theater. Perhaps I can lick the potent combination of changing weather, lots of water, and twelve actors who are also trying to not be sick in a single day.


Marcia Smith said...

Since I purchased the entire series of Murder She Wrote, when the price was 75% off, Way to Go, Hannah!

will.ledesma said...

12 Sickly Men

In which eleven jurors with varying degrees of a headcold wish to pass a guilty conviction on an obviously-guilty defendant so they can go home, but one obnoxiously chipper fellow refuses to vote guilty until they've had a nice, two-hour deliberation "like in that one movie." Legal hijinks ensue.

Hannah said...

Mamita - it's not like these tendencies suddenly sprung up in my brain without urging from elsewhere :)

Will - I'll add that to the list of alternate versions we've concocted. It'll fit in nicely with "12 Zombie Men," created last Sunday when no one felt up to performing after the double show Saturday.