Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Here's a thought about eight years late: why is my side picture *not* feet seeing as that's totally my thing?

Now that I'm out of tech weekend, when [if things onstage are strained] all seems dark and awful and out to get me, let's note a few things that bring me joy:

* having access to the library system of the fourth largest city in the country
* gaining some evenings back again, just in time for prestige movie season
* all those groups I've joined that offer the possibility of free screening tickets
* people on the internet who post full video from four year old Austin City Limits concerts that had been a favorite repeat on my [now deceased] cable receiver
* writing listicals


will.ledesma said...

Dreamed that real life was a musical romantic comedy in which you were getting serious with Owen Wilson. So, y'know, there's that.

will.ledesma said...

Upon further review, Owen Wilson does not appear to be the sort of boy you should end up with. Please don't fall in love with Owen Wilson.

Hannah said...

I mean, I hadn't explored that as an option, but I'll keep my eyes out. For all I know, he lurks the River Oaks area, dreaming about his Rushmore glory days.