Monday, November 30, 2015

"Reason 3: Writing a Paper That is Due Tomorrow" no longer applies
(Unless you count SM paperwork, in which case .... yeah. Sometimes.)

I'm in my thirties now, which means there are only two reasons why I'd be still awake after 2:30am: I'm off from work the next day and lost track of time while putzing around OR my brain won't shut off, why won't it shut off, oh please can I fall asleep now?

Fortunately, I'm the happier of those two options this time. Though I am *super awake* right now, so it might swap over to the other here shortly. Time to pick a movie on the DVR to fall asleep to (seeing as I'm still trying to track down opportunities to re-record all the things I used to fall asleep to, back before the receiver gave up on life).


will.ledesma said...

#4: Pushing your body and soul to the limits while training to avenge your friend by beating the roided-up Communist pugilist who killed him in an unsanctioned boxing match in enemy territory!

Hannah said...

I think #4 only applies to Sylvester Stallone and not to petite Midwestern gals.

will.ledesma said...

I guess the only way we'll find out for certain is if a friend of yours is one day killed in the ring by a roided-up Communist pugilist.