Friday, January 15, 2016

Things I've learned on my job: how to identify the sound of the theater's front door while sitting in the library on the other side of the wall; how quickly I can get to the lobby to intercept the patron who just walked in late

So, I'm pseudo-house managing tonight's show, because the actual HM is relatively new and took a seat in the house (not on an aisle, not on the back row) to watch the show ... and then late arrivals strolled in through the front door. And one had a cellphone they wanted to leave with the HM, in case of emergencies.

On one hand, it's nice. I always feel super-weird sitting in the house like a regular human patron, ready to watch a performance, like I don't spend 50% of my time in this building in a dark area elevated above the seating. On the other, the whole point of me being here tonight is for me to sit like a regular person, in a fancy opening night outfit, without having to put in additional effort. I'm glad my parents formed me into a responsible person, someone who will step up when they see something that needs to be handled, but man! it is sometimes a drag on the lazy muffin I wish I could be instead.

[Minus the specific details and phrase "lazy muffin", I feel I could've written this same basic blog post at any point over the last fifteen-ish years.]


Marcia Smith said...

So glad you are responsible, however, I understand how you can wish you didn't step in when ever someone needed help. You learned from the best! Hannah's Mom

will.ledesma said...

Sorry you had to be an Industrious Muffin.

(Hey, want to start a band and name it Industrious Muffin?

Travis said...

I'm trying to imagine what an industrious muffin would look like. For that matter, I'm trying to imagine what a lazy muffin would look like.