Saturday, July 01, 2017

Is the Deeper Deep Magic that all the ways this show tried to destroy me only made me stronger?

Last show this morning. Super expensive and complicated sound board was not receiving signal from computer and no one could figure out way, so we busted out the touring equipment and started half an hour late. (And, with zero direct booth feed and prep to adjust sound levels on the fly to boot.) But, leaving the booth open to the house meant I could hear the audience reactions, and leaving a headset mic on backstage (for additional onstage pick-up) meant I could hear the actors as they lived their backstage lives, too. Thinking back on it (y'know, ten hours later), it was all my favorite things about Grace and the Rotunda that I don't have in my beautiful soundproof booth now.

Anyway. Nothing like a massive problem to get everyone to focus up and put out a great performance.

[...And then I finally was able to leave the theater, and I slept for 2+ hours. It was glorious.]

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