Wednesday, September 17, 2008

*still* still standing

We're back in the apartment with power (and a newly cleaned freezer). My work building either is still without power, or they haven't noticed I'm not there yet. (Out of the way offices will do that to you, I guess.)

I'm hoping to catch up on some life today, seeing as life is starting to get back to normal. I need to check with our apartment office about my carpet (which thankfully doesn't smell anymore), do laundry, buy stamps, return library stuff, and post a bunch of pictures (storm and otherwise). Do I see myself on the couch for about five hours instead, watching old things on the DVR? Possibly, but here's hoping for the best.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers (plus calls and texts) that went out over the weekend. I don't regret staying, but I do know we were very, very fortunate not to end with anything falling or seeping into our apartment more than a little water. If I ever find where I stashed my camera cord to keep it safe, I'll provide some examples.


Caleb Michael said...

I neglected to mention this earlier,

Caleb Michael said...

... but if you wanted to send me a stellar picture or two, we could run it in the paper, giving you proper credit, of course.