Friday, September 12, 2008

They don't have these in London, do they?

Flooding is already occuring in Galveston with most of a day to go before landfall. Remember that road we drove down to reach the beach, right in the middle of town? That's apparently underwater due to backups in the storm drain. The news this morning had awesome video of the waves erupting (that's what it looked like) over the main storm wall.

Right now, Ike is getting his strength mostly from how *huge* he is rather than wind speed or whatever normally powers hurricanes. The current track places him to land at Galveston, probably pop up Galveston Bay, and head for all of Houston. I am not a fan of this plan, though authorities are still saying that those who don't need to leave should stay put.

When Deb wakes up (ah, blissful days of rest, no matter the circumstances), I guess we'll reassess whether we want to relocate slightly. The recommendation is to be off the road by noon, so if we're going, we're going this morning.

In the meantime, I'm going to clean the tub and fill it (yes, Mom, I was already planning to do so), move all the nonperishables into one place, pack my "if we have to run for it" bag, and tend to the window situation. Also, I need to take some pictures, because it's not every day I get to tape a shower curtain to a sliding glass door.

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